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Its been a year since i'm post something... I am such a lazy person. Time fly away and i'm still not changging. I'm a person who doesn't change. I'm o.k if its good way but i should change my bad habit. When new year begin... i'm really determind want to change myself to become more useful person for myself, family, nation and world... but know its 3 month already... i'm still the same. Nothing change. I think...'WHAT THE HECK?!!!'
Really... WHAT THE HECK?! My school friend now... for me, they are really do well in their life. See thier achivement in thier life make me think... what i'm doing when they try really hard in thier life. Am i really want to lose to them? But... its only the thought in my head and i'm just thought... and i dont make a change...


What the hell happen 2 station drama RTM  and Media Prima?!!!
Im such a bored!!
Why 2 many INDONESIAN drama in our station tv?!
Sometimes its make me feel like im now living at INDONESIA!!!
Its not like im anti-Indonesia drama but its to obvius that we are to glorify INDONESIAN drama?!
Even 8TV display Indonesian drama!! What the hell?!! Before this, 8TV known as english and chinese broadcast but know... what the hell?!! 
I know that MALAYSIAN drama nowadays such a damn bad... title and storyline such a ridiculous but its not the matter that we must disregard our MALAYSIAN DRAMA! I believe we still got a little good drama to shown.
Though now im not longer intrest to our MALAYSIAN DRAMA... yeah,i admit it... now im more intrest in English, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean drama but it doesn't matter!!
The fact is... our station tv give a big  influence  to a soceity.
Don't make MALAYSIAN PEOPLE  dont know our MALAYSIAN DRAMA or hate to watch it!!!

SoRRy 4 my BAD english!



This is my first post.
Well... actually im join this LJ coz i want to know more about

'Sexy Osaka Man' ~ Ryo Nishikido.
Actor of drama 1LOT, Attenttion Please and etc.
Singer of 2 group ~ KANJANI8 and NewS
OMG, he' damn great!!! His acting very cool.
I become more admire him when i read translation interview about him.
Thanks to LJ Frenzs 4 the super great translation. Otsukaresama Deshita!
He such a funny, kind, shy, evil and cute!!!
Like his new drama, OTHROS NO INU... he got a angle part and devil part in his real life!
I like the combination of angel and devil part of him.
Its make him natural and not pretending.
So 4 LJ frenz... please dont be bored to translate news bout him. Yuroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!

Sorry 4 my bad english.

Ryo Chan!!! You damn HOT!!!